Working on The New Ford Focus Coupe

Working on The New Ford Focus Coupe

Sources inside the company said it is preparing a new Ford Focus Coupe. The new model will debut at the Detroit Auto Show as a concept and will go into production next year.

Ford wants to attack the segment currently dominated by the new Volkswagen Scirocco. New Ford Focus coupe will be a modern interpretation of the old Ford Capri. The new model is intended to replace the current Focus couope, but also to provide a sportier model to compete with the Scirocco.

Design chief Martin Smith has indicated that it is timely to launch a coupe. Smith said the purpose of the Ford was to create a successful Focus model range, and now that this goal was accomplished, is the ideal time to launch a two-door model.

Another source said Ford designers have used a large part of 2010 to create a new Focus coupe, it has images of old Capri as inspiration. The platform used for the new coupe is the ST model, but slightly wider to provide greater stability.

The first information indicates that the SRB used will be the EcoBoost 2.0-liter engine capable of developing 247 horsepower. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes place in less than six seconds and top speed is 250 km / h. The production model will most likely be launched in 2012.

Working on The New Ford Focus Coupe


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