Skoda Fabia RS Convertible Concept

Skoda Fabia RS Convertible Concept

Skoda Fabia RS Convertible Concept presented at the 30th meeting of the Wörthersee.

Although the initial meeting at Wörthersee in Austria was designed for fans of the VW Golf GTI, the time has come to the 30th edition and consisted of all brands under the VW Group umbrella.

Together with the VW Golf GTI Edition 35 and Audi A1 savage Clubsport quattro concept at this year's edition has recently become a prototype produced by Skoda, called RS Convertible Concept 2000.

Created especially for the anniversary meeting, the concept is a design study for a convertible in categpria extreme, but based on the Skoda Fabia Super 2000 rally intended.

Skoda has not released any official information including technical data, but is likely to be the same as a motorized rally car, 2.0 liter four-cylinder coupled to a sequential transmission and a system with six reports Permanent four wheel drive fitted with three passive differentials.

In addition to losing the cap concept Skoda wins a windshield and side windows in the style slender speedster. It is painted in traditional color Skoda racing cars, that is green and the body has an optical kit which confers a wider aspect, as the swollen wheel arches to cover the huge alloy wheels shod with sports tire bead bed.

The interior offers four seats and it is mostly made of leather.

Skoda Fabia RS Convertible Concept


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