Renault Clio 45% Cheaper

Renault Clio 45% Cheaper

Dealers are offering 45% discount Renault Clio to offset the sharp decline in sales.

Renault, severely affected by the economic crisis is making great discounts on some models.

Renault brand sales fell 35 percent from 1 May in France and this has forced the local dealers to provide customers with solid sales for certain models. The BFM radio, quoted by Reuters, dealers offering discounts of up to 45 percent for some versions of the Clio supermini. For example, some dealers are selling Clio with € 7,990, even if the factory price is € 14,100.

Renault has acknowledged that the French car market remained on a downtrend, but declined to comment on the report according to which its sales fell by 35 percent. A Renault spokesman said: "We can not date before the beginning of June ... May Market in France looks down." He added that declining sales were partly caused by scrapping program auto completion.

France has been successful incentive program fleet renewal in December 2010, but drivers who bought cars as part of the program, you may register by the end of May.

Renault was one of the severely affected car manufacturers in Europe in April, registering a 13 percent drop in sales compared to last year. That same month, car sales in France fell by 11 percent, according to the ACEA, European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

European car market, which fell for the third consecutive year, record 13.8 million vehicles sold in 2010 vs. 16 million in 2007, last year there has been an increase in sales.

Renault Clio 45% Cheaper


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