Ford's Seat Prodigy

Ford's Seat Prodigy

Ford is working on designing a car seat that detects a passenger's heart attack.

Ford Motor Company has instructed his department, European Research Center in Aachen, Germany, to find a way to reduce car accidents caused by drivers who had heart problems. According to data provided by the manufacturer, type of car seat that I propose, is equipped with contactless technology electrocardiogram, which can alert the driver that is needed immediate medical investigation by scanning potential cardiovascular disorders passenger clothes.

According to Ford, since 2025, nearly a quarter of Europe's population will be about 65 years, the figure will increase by one third in 2050. And as the cardiovascular risk of an accident increases with age, drivers who suffer from diseases such as angina can be 50% more likely an accident, ecea offering plenty of reasons to investigate and possibly implement this technology.

Prototype seat provides clear readings of health data for 95% of drivers in 98% of the time spent driving. Ford is working on integrating the seat alongside the other safety systems, the idea of ​​joint work to protect drivers who undergoes a crisis when driving.

For the safety aspect is perhaps most obvious use of this technology, but certainly will help and other useful information.

Ford's Seat Prodigy


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