Ford Motor Produced The Lowest Mark In History

Ford Motor Produced The Lowest Mark In History

The first three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.0 liters, is now offering are available in the Ford.

American manufacturer Ford has taken an eternity to introduce small and turbocharged petrol and diesel engines in series with predominantly non-sports. Times have changed and now the manufacturer of the Detroit press throttle to the floor and presents a wide range of undersized and supercharged engines.

Last arrived in the yard is the new 1.0-liter Ford EcoBoost, the first ever offered in three-cylinder Ford engine totdată lowest mark in history.

Designed by a team of Ford engineers at Dunton Tehnical Center in Britain, three-cylinder engine promises to deliver the performance of his older brothers, who have four cylinders, but all with a substantial fuel savings. EcoBoost engine technology include all such as turbo turbocharging, direct injection and twin camshafts with independent variation (Ti-VCT).

Ford is not yet prepared to speak in figures, but Ford's vice president of Global Product Development, Derrick Kuzak says the new engine will offer power and torque equivalent or even superior to most engines of 1.6 liter, naturally aspirated. "

The new engine, which was first presented under the hood Show Beijing Start Ford mini concept in 2010 and more recently, at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 Ford B-Max as Study, will benefit from a global launch and small team class cars, and reaching the U.S. offer.

"Our clients are accessible machines, which can travel large distances as small as a consumer," Kuzak added. "Our new 1.0 EcoBoost engine will offer buyers go looking for a hybrid vehicle, as an economic alternative but at a great price."

While Ford does not specify which models will be equipped with tiny EcoBoost engine, Fiesta and Ka is expected to join the first wave that will receive the gasoline unit.

Ford Motor Produced The Lowest Mark In History


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