Vehicle's battery starting and charging system

Vehicle's battery starting and charging system

Well, now that summer is coming to an end we hope that you have had a safe and enjoyable one. Most of you are getting ready for the children to go back to school and a lot of you will probably drive them to and from. So here is the tip for August that may help you avoid some things that could prevent you from getting the little ones where they need to be on time or missing any extra curricular activities you may have planned.

Vehicle's battery starting and charging system, which is the heart of your vehicle's electronics. The battery is not only designed to start the vehicle but to also support the alternator when the vehicle is running. Poor battery connections can cause your vehicle not to start, premature alternator failure and your vehicle to quit running. Keep in mind that the alternator is designed to boost the operating voltage from 12 volts (battery voltage) to 14.5 volts by revolving constantly with the engine running it generates enough electricity to accommodate the increased demand that your vehicle needs to keep running. So it is critical that you don't ignore those corroded battery cables and have them cleaned properly and inspect the fluid level when applicable. Also, we recommend that you have your system tested. Remember that an alternator can go bad without warning, but usually a battery or starter will give you some warning that there is a problem. Please call today and schedule an appointment for our August back- to- school special. This will include a lube, oil and filter and a battery starting charging system test and inspection. We will change the oil and filter, inspect and top off all fluids, inspect and adjust tire pressure and lube chassis. Normal cost is $84.95.



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