The driving school association of the Americas

The driving school association of the Americas

The DSAA is an international association of driving school owners. From all over the globe educators come to associate with like-minded professionals.

The goals of the driving school association of the Americas (DSAA) are to improve driver safety and encourage professional ethics in this industry. The slogan of DSAA is "The Standard in Driver Education and Traffic Safety Since 1973". The association has been able to accomplish this in a never ending struggle to make roads safer and the road users better prepared. It takes the thoughtful and caring professionals of driving school industry to lead the way in making the changes that will make even greater strides in driver safety for all, as the nation is going forward in this century.

The driving school association of the Americas (DSAA) offer regional seminars around Canada and the United States about three times a year. In addition, the association also hold an annual convention in rotating cities that brings together a large contingent of leaders from the driving school industry. Many leading companies and organizations, which take great pride in aiding the fight to save lives and make automobiles safer to use, participate in this annual conference as well.

There is great pride and excitement among the members of DSAA in sharing ideas, learning new educational methods, the numerous benefits DSAA provides for them and making new friends with their colleagues. The association also steps forward to provide leadership and monitoring of this industry to ensure the professional educational opportunities which is expected. This is truly what they give to the members each year and every time they come together. DSAA will not cease in the quest to accomplish all of the goals and create a united voice for driver education and traffic safety everywhere.

The DSAA dual news magazine represents a continuing commitment to the driving school industry. Keeping all driving school professionals informed of upcoming educational seminars, sharing ideas & opinions and introducing products and the like to the more than 8,000 professional driving schools and 50,000 driving educators.

Mission of The driving school association of the Americas (DSAA):

  • To promote professionalism within the driving school industry
  • To help produce safe and proficient drivers through ethical and sound education and business practices.
  • To be a model through leadership to the governmental agencies and policy makers
  • To accommodate and promote the needs of the member schools
  • To cooperate with and support other safety-driven organizations

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