Sign a Summer Contract with your Teenage Driver

Teenage drivers are up to 20 times more likely to have an accident than adult drivers. Parents must make clear to teens that driving is a privilege, not a right. Experts urge parents to clearly define the expectations and requirements associated with being allowed to drive, and the consequences for violating them.

Require young drivers to sign a contract accepting the conditions, and stick to them.

Get Started

  • Make sure parents or guardians agree on the terms of a driving contract before it’s presented to the teen.
  • Let your teenager know you’re determined to have the contract taken seriously. Insist that no future driving occur until the contract is signed.
  • Some of the contract details may require negotiation, but make sure your teen’s safety remains the primary motivation of the contract.
  • When the contract is signed, keep a copy and give one to your teenager. Insist that the contract be in the car whenever the teenager is driving (as a reminder of their promise to you).
  • If your teen driver breaches the contract, take away the keys. You may consider re-instating the contract after a reasonable period of time and after discussion with your young driver about the consequences of their actions.



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