Land Rover Defender Electric

Land Rover Defender Electric

Axeon Land Rover Defender built a full-power, especially for safari expedition.

What sense is to go on safari if u get your car noises, pufneste, sneezing, engine and exhaust howl or make noise anyway, and this position and you are discovered before they become visible?

Here's why Axeon (the largest independent manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries in Europe), together with Land Rover have teamed up and found the solution for a perfect safari car.
contributed to the project and JLR South Africa, which specializes in logistics related to World Food Programme, based in Durban, South Africa.

The car is a Defender 110 with long wheelbase and an external platform bed, which contains an extra chair, set in place a set of doors on that side. The diesel engine is replaced with a lithium-ion battery pack, which set in motion an electric motor of unspecified origin and so, obviously, whose caracterisitci were not disclosed.

Everything we know about electric combination that sits under the body's electrical Defender is that it offers a range equal to three times the normal duration of a safari tour, all with a single battery charge.

And it's all zero-carbon, zero emissions, zero noise, eea which might lead to car occupants closer to target than before.

Land Rover Defender Electric will be officially presented at the exhibition to travel INDABA Durban.

Land Rover Defender Electric


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