Best Lamborghini Countach

Best Lamborghini Countach

Valentino Balboni choose the best version ever made Lamborghini Countach.

There are a lot of comparative auto tests. Most new cars compare to older ones. But in this case, journalists at Inside Line have decided to take another road. They wanted to compare between them, many variations of the Lamborghini Countach. And it brought him with her veteran Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni, probably the most authorized voice domain.

You might think that the Murcielago had a long life. Well, not quite. Murcielago has been in the forefront of the automotive scene eight years fixed. Diablo, its predecessor, spent eleven. But Countach lasted sixteen years, which is huge for any car in the world.
In the three stages of the production model, the Countach gave rise to many versions of the original LP400, flattened at the body, known as the S model, then Quattrovalvole up to the 25th anniversary edition anniversary.

What is the verdict? Valentino Balboni concluded.

Countach Each generation is better than previous results. But that mean that the newer model is better than it replaces him? Not even close.

Unparalleled beauty of the original LP400 makes a proposal to become undeniable, and the narrow tire bead and charms naughty XWX that newer cars have lost the way, completes the picture. Valentino LP400 placed in a context of exception: "This car has written a page in the history of sports cars. It was everyone's dream to have one. I would not change anything in this model."

Reaching and Quattrovalvole S (QV), four valves per cylinder here made the difference. The two models offered up in every respect: performance, ride, even the sound that drew it was full. The QV model still can do circles in front of most modern cars in the world, and of course we're talking in category hypercar.

QV Valentino loves and has no say when the book is the best dntre all versions. "It's still a pure and clean Countach. I think is the best compromise. In terms of handling and power, for me, is the best. This model is one that has the most charisma. Countach easily: under the car engine right. "

But what is the best model that Valentino would take him home? "The keys on the table, obviously I would take home, without any shadow of a doubt, LP400, due to its history, for it was a car that changed the world. Aces is the model who turned into a star Feruccio Lamborghini. I love these cars, I love the company - but it is a symbol of something special. "

Best Lamborghini Countach


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